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Automatic Tank Gauge Systems

Order Codes

IOTIQ’s ATG Solutions offer a comprehensive system for tank level measurement. The FLCN Range offer excellent features, long battery life, simple installation and trouble free operation in a range of applications.

Combine with iotiq.io hosted IOT platform for a comprehensive ATG solution to suit any size tank, customer base or supply chain.



    Monitor your fuel tank level contents from anywhere. Simple to install and worry-free operation with long battery life, IOTIQ’s range of IOT Tank Level systems suit applications for fuels, water,
    chemical, mining and agriculture.

    IOTIQ’s Tang Gauges can be configured to operate with pressure sensors, ultrasonics and float based systems. Choose from a range of enclosure types, power options, and data delivery methods.



    Weight: 163g, 232g with batteries
    Material: ABS Polycarbonate
    Design: IP 66
    Operation: -20˙C to +55˙C
    SIM: Micro 3FF Sim, Included
    Battery: Lithium3x AA,
    Battery Life: 3+ years
    Power Input: Optional 5-16V DC (Excl)
    Probe: I2C Pressure Transducer
    GPS: Limited
    Order Codes: Cellular Type*: 4G or NBIot#, Sim Dependant
    Cellular Antennae: Internal
    Encryption: AES-256 Military grade
    Warranty: 1 year, back to base

    Ordering Examples:

    NB-FLCN-2M: NB-IoT* sim, with 2M probe length. Suits cubes and small tanks

    4G-FLCN-4M: LTE-4G* sim, with 4M probe length suits containerised tanks

    # NB-IoT additional charges apply
    *Sim recommendation depends on
    local service coverage.

    Ask us about 'Vendor Managed Inventory'

    Vendor Managed Inventory (or VMI) is a service where the vendor manages the customers wet stock. Maintain the customers tanks, simply by wathing their levels.

    No more stock outs, urgent deliveries, or down time.


    Very simple to install
    Extra long battery life
    Simple battery service
    Works on multiple networks offering best possible range and signal quality
    Install to any tank, up to 3m high
    Over the Air updates by vendor
    Low Profile, fits under canopies
    Sophisticated entity management, for large sensor networks
    Brand your console for your clients

    Dashboard Views

    Multi tank view
    Detailed level history
    Notifications area
    Share assets with partners
    Tailor alert points where needed
    Map Views
    Advanced features to support many data types
    Advanced integration to Fuellox

    Data Collected

    Liquid Height & Volume
    Battery Strength
    Signal Strength
    Network Performance
    Optional: GPS and many more!


    Reorder points
    System off line
    Low Battery & Battery replacement

    Dashboard Views

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