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Level Gauge – BI-2000

The Bintech 2000 series level sensor has a long standing history of operation in Austalia, and is widely used across many industries in many tanks. The platform is idealfor applications in the most remote ardous environments across Petrochemical, Marine, Mining, Petroleum and Oil & Gas.

The Bintech 2000 series level sensor with a programmable head mounted transmitter unit provides a linearised 4 to 20 mA output of tank volume.

The sensor mounting enables direct replacement of mechanical style indicators and is ideally suited for use with the BI-1030 remote display unit for monitoring of underground and above ground tanks contents.

It can also interface to any other system capable of taking an analogue input.

These sensors are designed and manufactured in Australia, under strict controls and in fully ISO 9001 approved purpuse built workshop facility.

  • The Bintech 2000 series level sensor features
  • Stainless steel IP 67 head
  • Approved LPG flange
  • High buoyancy durable Buna float
  • Available remote indication for field and safe area installation
  • Wide range of operating temperature and pressure


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The Bintech BI-2000 level gauge has been servicing the needs of the Australian Petroleum, Mining, and Oil and Gas sectors for many years.

Theory and operation.

Resistor Reed Switch Chain

The sensor operates using the float principle with transmission at 2- or 3- wire circuit. A series of reed switched and resistors are built into the circuit and operated by permanent magnet in the float.

Changes in level are translated into a linear change in resistance. The switches are spaced 10mm or 18mm apart.

In operation, the magnet fitted in the float rises with a liquid and operates the reed switches sequentially increasing the resistance.

Three wires may be connected as a simple resistive or a potentiometer circuit. The changes and resistance are detected in the transmitter and are converted to 4 to 20 mA current.

With the tank empty the resistance is factory set giving a 4 ma current. The resistance at maximum level is dependent on the length of the sensor is calibrated to provide 20mA The Senso is mounted on the turret of the tank, and a selection of process fittings can be supplied.

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