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Overfill Alarm

This Overfill Alarm provides am Audible and Visual alarm for monitoring level, and overfill events. The init can be direct mounted, or located away from the sensor. The powerful alarm will be heard over thje sound of noisy pumping equipment.
Integration of strobe beacons, control realys or radio transmitters we can customise the unit for any application in either hazardous or non hazardous applications.

Why Choose the BI-4000?

Reliable, Flexible, Rugged, Extended Service, Heavy Duty, Remote Operation, Unattended Refuelling, BIM Integration, Radio,  Hazardous Area Approved, ATEX Compliant, Australian Made.
SHOWN BELOW: Haardous area, Battery powered, Integrated unit shown for standard isertion length.

The TANKBOSS BI-4000 Series Overfill Alarm

Enclosure: Cast Alloy, IP65 Mounting:
Integral – fixed to sensor
Orientation: Vertical ± 30 o
Alarms: Warble Siren 97 dBA and flashing LED
Alarm Duration: 2min Alarm
Reset: Push button
Alarm Test: Push button to test siren
Battery Test: Push button (Green LED – good, No LED – replace)
Battery Life: 1 year estimated with 2 timeout operations per day
Transmission Limit: 50 ohm loop between level switch and alarm
Electrical Input: Normally open switch
Process Connection: 2 inch BSP (Other process connections as factory options)
Adjustment: Tank level threshold set via sensor position
Accuracy: Repeatability 1%
Operating Temperature: -10oC to 65oC
Power Requirements: 6 Vdc (4xAAA)
Dimensions: L x H x D, 115 x 90 x 55 mm
Compliance: AS1940 for overfill indication,

Design: Remote Indicator
Visual Alarm: Upgrade to high visibility large format Strobe beacon
Certification: Hazardous area approved IEC Ex ITA 07.0014X (Ex ia IIb T4)
Powered: 24VDC
Insertion: Available up to 2500mm

Ex Stock Melbourne, Approx 1 week delivery

Integrated System vs. Remote System

Why do I need an Overfill Alarm?

Overfill Alarms are required under AS1940 for many tanks. Size, Location, proximty to fill point, and loading design all play a role. Consult your installer or local hazardous area specialist for details.

If you are unsure, or conservative we recommend the use of an overfill alarm. Be sure to use an alarm that is compatible with the fuel type. Petrol and Aviation fuels need specialist equipment!

  • Prevent fuel spills
  • Compliance to code
  • Safety of site staff
  • Safety to tanker driver
  • Prevent Commercial losses


Reduce risk of:

  • Environemntal clean up costs
  • Tanker demurrage
  • Regulatory Agency involvement

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