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Magnetic Float Level Switch

This Magnetic Float Switch provides a system for controlling different levels of liquid in tanks and vessels. One of the applications of the Float Switch is as a Tank Pump Controller for automatic filling of day tanks.

The Float Switch can be customized to best fit your alarm, display and tank level control requirements.

Our most common configuration consists of a triple point system using two float switches. The switch points are used to provide pump start and pump stop with an additional switch backup. The switches are reed contacts, volt-free, enclosed within the switch tube. As such, the switch is not in direct contact with the liquid, to further increase the switch reliability.

Or combine multiple float switches for different SG’s and detect a water a layer – ideal for backup power and long term storage!

  • Automation
  • Fluid Monitoring
  • Process Control
  • Logic Operations
  • Pump Control (On/Off)
  • Backup Power
  • Day Tank Control

For complex fluid process control and management consider the Pulsar system.

ARV Float Switch

The Bintech ARV float switch comes with a range of configurations to suit many applications for engineering of fuel, water, chemical storage and process automation.

Choose from customised features:

  • Insertion Length
  • Switch Points & Positions
  • Open, Closed, or change-over logic switching
  • Process Fittings
  • Float specification to suit fluid S.G.
  • Integrations to relays and contactors

We have lots of experience in building float switches for any application. Call now to discuss your needs – 1300 557 356.

Each switch contact in the ARV Float Switch can be of 3 different switching types:

  • S for a closing contact on a rising level
  • O for an opening contact on a rising level
  • U for a change-over contact (offering both closing and opening contacts)

Enclosure and Probe

Enclosure material: Die-cast Aluminium (other materials available)
Dimensions: L x H x D, 80 x 75 x 57 mm
Mounting: Integral – fixed to sensor
Environment: Outdoor, IP65
Power requirements: No power required (switch only)
Operating Temperature: -30°C to 100°C
Standard Colour : Grey (previously Red)
Certification: None, the float switch is a simple device
Swiching action (on rising): Closing (S) / Opening (O) /Changeover (U)
Process Connection: Standard connection: 2” BSP mounted downwards
Other process connections as factory options
Orientation: Vertical ± 30º
Guide Tube OD: 12 mm
Guide Tube Length: As specified (3000 mm maximum)
Standard float: SVK44/15/A, stainless steel, cylindrical, 44 mm diameter
Other floats (option): Other float types as factory options

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