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Pulsar Level Control

Pulsar brings to market a range of highly sophisticated level monitoring and automation solutions.

From sounding alarms, controlling relays or automated pump operations Pulsar can integrate to single or multiple tanks to drive a range of systems.

Using Pulsars clever programmable interface, the days of building a control board to manage day tanks, chemical storage or logic control are gone. Install an out of the box solution at a fraction of the cost compared to scope, specify, design, built, test, commission and support.

Pulsar Level Applications

Power Systems

Auomtate generator, pump and compressor power systemts.

  • Pump Backup & Duty Cycle management
  • Low Level alarms and warninga
  • Over level beacons and control
  • Automate dat tank transfers

Water Processing

In open channel flow mode, Pulsar provides noncontacting,
maintenance free flow measurement and
control in a wide range of flumes and weirs by
calculating flow from the measured head preceding a
primary element.

Wide Area Systems

Blackbox modem is aimed at companies with
distributed stocks of material that need
replenishment on a regular basis, for example:
cement silos in construction sites over a wide area,
chemical tanks.

Product Overview

Pump Control

Pulsar pump control units are used throughout the
global water and waste industries. Ultra 3 gives you
sophisticated pump control on changing level or rate
of level change to provide:

Power on delay

  • allows to delay switching on
    pumps when power resumes.

Pump start delay

  • allows delay switching on
    pumps after another has started.

Or Choose from many other options

  • Fixed duty assist
  • Fixed duty back up
  • Alternate duty assist
  • Alternate duty back up
  • Duty back up and assist
  • Service ratio duty assist
  • Service ratio duty back up
  • FOFO (alternate first on first off duty assist)

Pulsar Integrates to other systems, such as BIM, Scada, SMS Server, Modems, and more.

Mounting Options

Choose from a range of mounting styles

  • Wall Mount
  • Rack Mount
  • Panel Mount
  • Bracket Assemblies

Installation Accessories

Choose from a range of kits for:

  • Transducer Installation
  • Wave Guides
  • Flange Kits
  • Submergence Shields
  • Aiming Kits


Choose from options for:

  • Height/Power
  • Accuracy
  • Material
  • Cable types
  • Sanitary Shields

Looking for something simple?

Meet the Pulsar “Imp”

Imp because its so IMPRESSIVE.

The Imp is a simplified version of above. Just need to drive an alarm or beacon? The Imp can measure level in real time and drive a single relay.

  • Chemical Monitoring
  • Alarm/Beacon Control
  • Local Diplay
  • Analogue Output
  • ATEX EEx ia IIC T4 and IECEx
  • Sumps
  • Tanks
  • Silos
  • Weirs
  • Dams

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